Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Apple Offering iPhone Screen Repair

Dropped iPhones, more often than not, end up with broken screens and there was no system where these could be fixed. The only option was to replace the whole screen, which was so costly that consumers opted to throw the phone and buy a new one. But Apple recently announced that it would provide repair services for broken iPhone screens. This will come as a relief to some of the people who were unable to afford the existing screen replacement costs. People would rather move on to a new device rather than get the broken screen of their iPhones fixed. This particular initiative from Apple might change that trend.
Broken iPhone Screen
A worrying trend that Apple iPhone users were putting up with was the ‘cool’ cracked iPhone screen. Since the associated cost was so high, people put up with small to moderate cracks on the iPhone. This had reached such a level that people had gone to the extent of considering the broken iPhone screen as ‘cool’!
Repairs for $149
According to the latest reports, the new repair initiative by Apple will allow users to get the screens of their iPhones repaired for as less as $149. Before this drive was launched by Apple, repair outlets charged anything between $185 to $225, and sometimes more, for repairing the iPhone screen.
A few experts believe that this initiative by Apple is a little too late, but others believe that it is better late than never. We will have to see how people respond to this initiative by Apple.

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