What my clients say

A Few Words From My Clients

"I first sought Mac’s services when he was working for an Apple-authorized service company 15 years ago, he was so outstanding I continued to seek his service specifically every time our computers needed servicing. Over many years, Mac has serviced my whole family’s many Apple devices (laptops, desktops, iPods, and iPhones). Mac is an extremely experienced, knowledgeable and professional technician who is also very humble. When Apple “Geniuses” couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my daughter’s computer, Mac was able to figure it out and give us instructions to direct the apple support staff to help us. He is very patient and always gives great suggestions for supportive hardware and software for our needs. Anyone would benefit from Mac’s services; his experience, trustworthiness, and positive attitude are several reasons that explain my long-term loyalty to Mac’s services." - Henrietta L  

"Mac is  great teacher. I learn something every time  from Mac. He has a way of explaining so a non geek can get it."

"I went thru many tech guys before that  just whizzed thru and complicated issues for me. Mac is efficient and proficient. I have a small business, so speak only from that perspective. He always gets the job done. Mac is honest and fair and makes fixing glitches and learning  fun."  - Sue M  

"Mac is always on time, solves my problem and explains in detail what was done and how perhaps in the future, I can correct the problem myself.  In addition, quite often Mac solves my problem remotely.  As a result of Mac's thoroughness and competency, I have convinced three friends to use his services; all are extremely satisfied."  - Barry M 

"My husband and I are not the most computer-savvy people (an understatement), and I can safely say that without Mac's help, we would be completely lost. For many more years than I care to count, we have relied solely on Mac to maintain our computers, offer suggestions on up-grades, advise us on purchases of new computers, software programs, etc., etc. When either my husband or I have one of our computer "emergencies," Mac responds quickly, and makes every attempt to solve the problem as quickly as possible. I cannot recall a time when Mac was presented with a computer problem he couldn't solve. Many times, over the phone, Mac has been able to discover the problem and find a remedy. Both my husband and I rely heavily on Mac for his computer knowledge and his professionalism." — Nancy H. & Brian M.

"Mac is great to work with and is able to pinpoint what new program and services may work well for our business. We have many years of experience working with Mac. Mac is willing to go the extra mile to solve any problem that we may have and at any time of day!" - Sara S

"Mac has been my Computer Technician for many years. He is awesome. He makes tasks that would take me days to figure out, seem effortless. I originally found Mac when I bought a new Apple Computer about 14 years ago. He saved me so much time in setting it up and now many years later he has set up 4 computers for my home and office. He has quickly and efficiently resolved complex problems, installed software and maintained my computers. I can call on Mac anytime to help me when I have a problem or question. He has taken over the task of helping my Wife when she has problems or questions and that has been a huge help. I would recommend Mac to anyone using a Macintosh computer. He is extremely knowledgeable and talented and absolutely wonderful to work with."  - Richard B