Keyboard Shortcuts - Tips

My clients always ask me “How did you do that?” or remark, “You did that so fast”. Well here are some keyboard shortcuts and tips for your reference.

Note: This is by no means a complete list. It is a list of the most common ones I use. If there is a keyboard shortcut I have forgotten on this list, drop me a comment or send me an email and request I add it to the list.


There are 3 ways I perform screenshots and here they are.

1)   CommandShift3 (Press all three keys at the same time, then let go.) This combination will give you a screenshot of your entire screen, including your menu bar at the top, and your dock. If you have dual screens, then you will end up with two screenshots, one for each monitor.
2)   CommandShift4 (Press all three keys at the same time) This will give you the crosshairs pointer. From here you have two options.
a.     Using your mouse or trackpad, move the crosshairs to the top left or top right of where you want to start your screenshot, then click-hold and drag the crosshairs to form a box that includes the desired area of the screenshot, then let go of the click. This will result in a square or rectangular screenshot of the area you highlighted with your click-hold-drag crosshairs.
b.     This one is my favorite, it’s a bit simpler and much prettier than the click-hold drag option above, and is perfect if you want to capture an entire window of an app or popup. You start the same with the Command-Shift-4 option above, but then you take the crosshairs pointer and move it over the window you want to capture. Now press the spacebar. You will notice the entire window will become highlighted. Now click the mouse or trackpad, and it will screenshot that window. The neat thing about this is, it will capture a window that is covered by other windows (So no need to make sure its by itself in the open) and it will put a nice little drop shadow on the screenshot. Making it pop and giving it a subtle 3d effect.

Activate the mic for dictation

If you have enabled dictation option, you can dictate anywhere you can type. This includes email, word or pages documents, even the address or search bar in your browser. To activate the mic, just press the FN (or Function) key twice, and wait a moment for the mic to become active. When you are ready to turn off the mic and finish your dictation, just press the FN key once. Do not forget your punctuation when dictating. Saying “Period” or “New Paragraph” for example.

Select All = Command A

To pick and choose hold command and click
Select a group, start with 1 thing selected (A file or single email for example) and then find the last one in the group you want to select, and Shift Click it. This should highlight an entire group of your selection.

Command Q = Quit the open selected program

Command W = Close window for the open program

Command S – Save

Command P = Print

Command C = Copy

Command V = Paste

Command Z = Undo

In finder

Command Shift A = Open Applications window in Finder

Command Shift U = Open Utilities window in Finder

Command Option L = Open Downloads folder

Command Shift O = Open Documents folder

In browser

Command T = Open new tab

Command N = Open new window