Friday, June 13, 2008

News Update - More .mac/.mobileme mail issues

UPDATE - Apparently the .mac/.mobileme email issue dont stop at missing emails. Another recent post to the Apple forum details a number of users experiencing a sending issue now too! Posters are describing recieveing a "Cannot send using the server smtp.mac" when attempting to send email using .mac/.mobile me accounts. Some have even reported as experiencing the issue for the last 8-10 days. What is most troubling about this thread, are the reports of users already having posted this issue, only to have those threads disappear from the forum. Is Apple trying to bury a bigger problem by removing threads?

If you are effected by this sending issue, there may be a easy fix for you. Check the following webpage and locate the SMTP settings for your ISP (If yours is not listed, you can try a Google search from the right hand menu for your ISP name and SMTP settings. Or check with your ISP's website, or technical support department.) Change the SMTP settings in your prefered email program to this SMTP server. Your emails will go out and still appear to have come from your .Mac account.

SMTP Server list

Lets hope these issues get fixed soon!